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About us

Indian Industries and Rural development Foundation is a non-Governmental organization established in the year 1988 with the sole objective of serving the SSI Sector without any profit motive. The association has been registered under the Society's act and functioning in a democratic method. The president and Office bearers are elected.The Association seeks co operation from all the small scale industries situated in the district to become members, pay membership fee regularly and keep the association informed of all their problems so as to enable the Office Bearers to take them up with appropriate Authorities for redressal.
To promote and protect the Small Industries in Chennai District. To take all steps to protect and promote the general interests of the persons engaged in Small Industries. To create and encourage a fellow feeling and co-operation among the manufacturers and consumers in Small Industries and to evolve a common policy on all subjects involving their common interest.
To consider and formulate opinions upon all matters connected with the Small Industries To collect, classify and circulate statistics and other information relating to commercial interests in general and Small Industries in particular. To promote beneficial and other measures relating to the Small Industries and thus obtain by all acknowledged means the readdress as far as possible of grievances of the Industrialists in Small Industries.

The IIRDF Development Initiatives has enlisted wide scale industry support to unlock the growth potential of rural India. In creating tangible rural assets for sustainable development, IIRDF has focused attention on improving rural income and employment levels, rural infrastructure development, education and healthcare facilities, and promotion of rural businesses. IIRDF is developing rural businesses to access real time market information for better price realization for their products.
TIIRDF is committed to provide Quality Leadership and advocacy related services for its members.

This would be achieved by :

  • Evolving and delivering services in partnership with members and like-minded Agencies
  • Contributing positively to the changing needs of the associates and members and the internal & external environment.

IIRDF Objectives

IIRDF was established to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To promote, encourage, safeguard, advance and protect the interest of Small Scale Industries in India.
  • To encourage, aid, stimulate and promote the development of Small Scale Industries in India.
  • To promote, develop, encourage, support, maintain and increase the exports of the production of Small Industries in India.
  • To conduct Seminars / Workshops / Awareness Programs for the benefit of small-scale industries on various subjects.
  • To assist the Small Scale Industries in India, in the matter of Industrial Development, finance, import, export, policy, shipping, transport, clearing and forwarding, banking communications and labor-management relations.
  • To organize Industrial & Marketing Management & Industrial Management program in association with SISI.

  • To co-operate with industrial, business, educational and research institutions and other organizations in connection and exchange of information pertaining to small-scale industries.
  • To co-operate with other national bodies for small scale industries in India, with intention of furthering the objectives of the Company and with this in view to affiliate groups and bodies also by getting itself affiliated to any other national bodies if necessary.
  • To organize and participate in exhibitions, trade fairs, promote marketing groups and to undertake mass communication and such other activities to promote marketing of small-scale industries’ products.