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Welcome to Indian Industries & Rural Development Foundation (IIRDF)

The Association serves for the growth and prosperity of industries and it has made a significant contribution towards building a strong and stable industrial. The Association besides functioning as a grievance redressed unit is functioning as a development oriented Association conducting series of Seminars / Training Programmes / Seminars / Industrial visits, award functions, government representations etc. so as to develop and create awareness among industrial entrepreneurs. IIRDF represents in all Advisory and Consultative Committees at the District / State Levels and plays a leading role in policy formulation and grievance redressed for the Small scale Industries.

In short IIRDF has dedicated itself to the cause of small-scale industries and has made a mark at the District/State and National levels by its selfless service to SSIs in a variety of ways. The Association renders guidance and help to the new entrepreneurs in the identification of products, preparation of project reports, getting financial assistance from banks etc. and licenses from various departments.

IIRDF has also made arrangements to render services to the members through Sub-contracting Exchange in the Association for getting job orders to the member industries from various organizations, Govt. undertakings etc. and for this scheme the Development Commissioner (SSI) Ministry of SSI has given an outright grant for the provision of Computers, Printers, Software, Furnitures etc.

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